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This Ruger Super Black had water and fire damage. CZ75 CWC Limited Minor, conversion. Custom Bolt Handle
Super Blackhawk Super Blackhawk Super Blackhawk cz 75 Bolt handle
STI Commander Bobtail in 38 Super.- 1911 custom build. Bluing Custom Slides
STI Commander STI Commander STI Commander Bluing Custom Slides
Custom 1911 triggers. Beretta PX4 Miscellaneous samples
Custom 1911 triggers Custom 1911 triggers PX4 Beretta PX4 Beretta PX4
Front strap checkering Bluing Sample Checking Sample This Colt is For Sale
Who will be the lucky buyer?
Front strap checkering Front strap checkering Hot salts blue Checking, Browning Hi Power Checking, Browning Hi Power
Restored Marlin
Before and After
Ported Para 1911
Custom Slide
Ruger GP-100
Barrel ported and slab sided with fluted lug.

Hk p7 nickel plated
Rebuilt Marlin Custom Slide Para1911 Ruger GP-100 HK-P7
Kimber Custom 2
with machined and reduced slide.
Winchester 94 top
eject with a custom scout mount.
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